Case Study: SE Squared
Transforming B2B Go-To-Market Strategies through Listening, Engagement, and Influence

In 2010, the RANSS Corp team launched SE Squared, a dynamic marketing firm that specializes in B2B Go-To-Market Strategies, with specific expertise in Engagement Marketing and the development of Indirect Sales Channels. This case study explores how SE Squared's philosophy, methodology, and key client partnerships have reshaped B2B marketing strategies and empowered businesses to thrive in competitive markets.

SE Squared's Philosophy: LISTEN - ENGAGE - INFLUENCE

SE Squared's guiding philosophy is encapsulated in three core principles:

  • Listen to Our Clients: SE Squared places a paramount focus on understanding its clients' unique needs, challenges, and objectives. This commitment to active listening forms the bedrock of all their marketing endeavors.

  • Engage the Marketplace: The company has honed its ability to actively engage with the marketplace on behalf of its clients. This engagement is driven by a genuine desire to create meaningful connections and foster brand visibility.

  • Write Stories that Influence: SE Squared's expertise lies in crafting narratives and content that not only resonate with target audiences but also wield a persuasive influence, ultimately shaping customer behavior and decisions.

Methodology: The SWOT Team

SE Squared employs a comprehensive methodology known as the SWOT Team, which is designed to provide a holistic view of a client's marketing landscape:

  • Current Marketing and Branding Evaluation: The team critically assesses a client's existing marketing and branding efforts, identifying areas of strength and areas that require improvement.

  • Market Analysis: SE Squared conducts a meticulous analysis of the market to determine optimal product placement and identify the most effective channels to target the desired audience.

  • SWOT Analysis: By defining the client's strengths and weaknesses, identifying market opportunities, and pinpointing potential threats, the team is equipped to make informed marketing decisions.

  • Action Plan: Leveraging the insights from the SWOT analysis, SE Squared collaborates with clients to create a strategic action plan, ensuring that marketing efforts align with business goals.

Tagging: Crafting a Distinct Brand Persona

SE Squared offers a comprehensive suite of services to establish and maintain a compelling brand persona:

  • Naming: Assistance with naming for companies and products.
  • Slogans: Crafting memorable and impactful slogans.
  • Design Services: Including logo design, web design and maintenance, product literature, and more.
  • Print Materials: Development of business cards, letterheads, email templates, and other corporate collateral.
  • Advertising: Planning and executing effective advertising campaigns.
  • Public Relations: Managing public relations initiatives to enhance brand reputation.
  • Event Planning: Organizing promotional events to engage the target audience.
  • Video Production: Creating captivating video content to effectively convey brand narratives.

Incognito: Engagement Marketing Strategies

SE Squared's Incognito strategy centers on proactive and reactive customer engagement. This approach ensures that brands remain responsive to market dynamics and relevant to their audience.

Blueprinting: Development of Indirect Sales Channels

SE Squared excels in the development of indirect sales channels, offering a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Sales Strategy Development: Crafting effective sales strategies tailored to clients' objectives.
  • Sales Agent Recruitment: Identifying and recruiting sales agents who align with clients' goals.
  • Agent Portal Design and Development: Creating customized agent portals for streamlined collaboration.
  • Compensation Structuralization: Structuring compensation plans to incentivize sales agents effectively.
  • Agent Correspondence Development: Ensuring efficient communication channels between clients and sales agents.

Key Clients:

SE Squared has partnered with several influential clients, including:

  1. Qypsys: A leader in providing advanced technology solutions to Enterprise and Government clients.

  2. Crystal Clear Technologies: A leading Federal Contractor specializing in high-technology solutions for the federal government.

  3. Big Sur Technologies: A trusted managed IT service provider with over 20 years of experience.


SE Squared has emerged as a catalyst for transformation in the realm of B2B Go-To-Market Strategies. Their commitment to listening, engaging, and influencing, along with their comprehensive methodology and diverse service offerings, has propelled their clients to success in highly competitive markets. SE Squared's case is a testament to the potential for innovative and strategic marketing to reshape businesses and drive growth.