Case Study: My Product Today
Empowering Entrepreneurs to Launch Incredible Consumer Brands


In 2020, Ricardo Valderrama and Jason Rivers co-founded RANSS, Gilbert and Associates, operating under the name My Product Today. Since its inception, My Product Today has invested over $1,500,000 and embarked on a mission to launch 100 new consumer brands. This case study explores how My Product Today supports emerging Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands and empowers entrepreneurs to turn their innovative product ideas into successful businesses.

My Product Today's Mission: Empowering DTC Brands

My Product Today is deeply committed to supporting smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in their journey to success. The company takes pride in showcasing a diverse range of brands and products it has helped build and launch. Their mission is a testament to their dedication to fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the competitive DTC landscape.

Supporting Creative Minds: A Partnership Approach

My Product Today collaborates closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and creative minds, providing them with the guidance, expertise, and resources needed to bring their unique product ideas to life. Their approach focuses on partnership, ensuring that each entrepreneur's vision is realized.

The Journey: How My Product Today Works

1. Getting Started: Ideation and Product Selection

Entrepreneurs with innovative product ideas start their journey with My Product Today by scheduling a call with one of the team members. The company specializes in working with physical products that can be sold Direct-to-Consumer. Software/apps or written works are not within their scope.

If an idea aligns with their guidelines and demonstrates sufficient profit potential, My Product Today extends an offer to assist in launching the new product and business.

2. Preproduction: Ideation and Manufacturing

  • Ideation: Before moving to prototype development, My Product Today focuses on refining the product's design and specifications. This phase includes 3D renderings, CADs (Computer-Aided Design), and DFMs (Design For Manufacturing). It ensures that the design is optimized for cost-effectiveness and simplified manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing: Once the ideation stage is complete, the team proceeds to build physical prototypes. Quality control is paramount at this stage to ensure the final product matches the entrepreneur's vision. After prototype approval, mass production begins, maintaining a high standard of quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

3. Brand Development: Identity and Online Presence

  • Logos, Websites, and Package Design: As production gets underway, My Product Today initiates brand development. Entrepreneurs work with the team to create a compelling company brand name and logo, along with a product name. This paves the way for the development of websites, social media presence, Amazon stores, and other sales channels.

4. Launch: Taking the Reins

  • Time to Get Selling: At the launch stage, entrepreneurs assume the primary role in running and growing their brand and business. My Product Today transitions into a support position, providing training on platforms and software and assisting with business operations. The company offers a step-by-step approach to launching a new Direct-to-Consumer product.


My Product Today, co-founded by Ricardo Valderrama and Jason Rivers, is a driving force in the world of DTC brands. Their dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering innovation has resulted in the launch of numerous successful consumer brands. My Product Today's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and partnership in turning creative product ideas into thriving businesses in the ever-competitive DTC market.


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