Case Study: Inventors Launchpad
Revolutionizing Invention Development and Empowering Inventors

Inventors Launchpad, co-founded by Ricardo Valderrama and Carmine Denisco, has emerged as a prominent player in the product development and manufacturing industry. The company operates with the mission to disrupt the invention industry by reimagining the development process and making it the fastest and most cost-effective way to monetize inventions. This case study explores how Inventors Launchpad has achieved this goal and how Carmine Denisco's leadership extends beyond the company to benefit the wider inventing community.


  • Inventors Launchpad's Vision: Inventors Launchpad aspires to redefine invention development by offering inventors a streamlined and efficient path to bring their ideas to market. The company has built one of the largest and fastest-growing inventor networks globally.

  • Vast Portfolio: Inventors Launchpad has a robust track record, having consulted on, designed, developed, marketed, or manufactured over 1000 consumer products across every major category. These products are distributed through various major retailers worldwide.

  • Global Capabilities: The company's reach extends to manufacturing in multiple locations, including the United States, China, Central, and South America, giving inventors access to diverse manufacturing resources and expertise.

Carmine Denisco's Leadership:

Carmine Denisco, one of the co-founders of Inventors Launchpad, has been an instrumental figure in shaping the company's success and making a broader impact in the inventing community:

  • President of UIA: Denisco's leadership extends to the role of President at The United Inventors Association (UIA), a 501c3 non-profit organization. UIA's mission is to provide resources, education, and advocacy to inventors while fostering honest and ethical business practices among industry service providers.

  • Advocacy for Inventors: As President of UIA, Denisco has played a crucial role in advocating for inventors' rights and interests. He has worked to create a supportive ecosystem for inventors, ensuring they have access to educational resources and ethical business services.

  • Promoting Ethical Practices: Denisco's commitment to ethical business practices has translated into UIA's initiatives, fostering an environment of trust and integrity within the inventing community. This has helped protect inventors from unscrupulous individuals or entities.

Achievements and Impact:

Inventors Launchpad's innovative approach to invention development has yielded significant results:

  1. Fast and Cost-Effective Monetization: The company has successfully streamlined the invention development process, enabling inventors to monetize their ideas quickly and cost-effectively. This approach has been particularly appealing to inventors looking for efficient routes to market.

  2. Broad Inventor Network: Inventors Launchpad's extensive inventor network provides inventors with access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and opportunities, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing within the community.

  3. UIA's Growth and Impact: Under Carmine Denisco's leadership, UIA has grown in prominence and impact, offering invaluable educational resources and advocating for inventors' rights. This has positively influenced the inventing community, promoting transparency and ethical business practices.


Inventors Launchpad, co-founded by Ricardo Valderrama and Carmine Denisco, stands as a testament to innovation and empowerment in the invention industry. Their mission to simplify and accelerate the invention development process has redefined how inventors bring their ideas to market. Moreover, Denisco's leadership at UIA has had a far-reaching impact, ensuring that inventors have access to the support and ethical guidance they need to succeed. Inventors Launchpad's journey underscores the potential for positive change when innovative thinking and ethical leadership converge in the world of invention and entrepreneurship.