Case Study: Future Products of America
Promoting American Ingenuity Through Innovation and Partnership

Future Products of America (FPOA) is a unique joint venture that combines the expertise of Inventors Launchpad, a product development and contract manufacturing firm in Florida, with the financial support of OE Capital, a Texas-based private equity firm. This case study explores the role of Ricardo Valderrama, the CEO of FPOA, in driving the company's mission to promote American ingenuity and connect inventors with retailers while mitigating the inherent risks in the innovation process.


  • FPOA: The Brand of the American Inventor: FPOA serves as a powerful symbol of American innovation. It represents the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship that defines inventors and innovators across the nation.

  • Promoting American Ingenuity: FPOA's primary goal is to facilitate the promotion of American ingenuity. By collaborating with retailers, the company aims to provide a platform for inventive products to reach a wider audience.

  • Mitigating Risk: FPOA addresses a critical challenge in the innovation ecosystem by offering retailers access to individual inventors and their ideas while reducing the inherent risks associated with bringing new products to market. This is achieved through a comprehensive support system provided by FPOA.

The Power of the FPOA Brand:

The strength of the FPOA brand lies in its distinctive characteristics:

  1. Easily Recognizable: FPOA's brand is instantly recognizable, thanks to its iconic logo and design. This recognition establishes a sense of trust and familiarity among inventors, retailers, and consumers.

  2. Distinct Design: The brand's design is unique and memorable, setting FPOA apart from competitors in the product development and manufacturing sector. It conveys a sense of innovation and quality.

  3. Eye-Catching Colors: FPOA employs vibrant and eye-catching colors in its branding. These colors evoke emotions associated with creativity, reliability, and American identity, reinforcing the brand's appeal.

  4. Reproducibility Across Categories: One of FPOA's notable strengths is its ability to adapt and reproduce its branding across a wide range of product categories. This adaptability ensures consistency and a unified brand presence across various products.

CEO Leadership - Ricardo Valderrama:

Ricardo Valderrama plays a pivotal role in FPOA's success. As CEO, his leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Valderrama has actively sought strategic partnerships with both individual inventors and retailers. These partnerships are a testament to his commitment to FPOA's mission and his ability to connect diverse stakeholders.

  • Risk Mitigation: Valderrama has overseen the development of a robust risk mitigation strategy that provides inventors with the necessary support and resources to navigate the challenges of product development, manufacturing, and market entry.

  • Brand Stewardship: Under Valderrama's guidance, FPOA has maintained the integrity of its brand. He ensures that FPOA's branding elements, including the logo, design, and colors, remain consistent and adaptable across product categories.


Future Products of America, the brainchild of Inventors Launchpad and OE Capital, led by CEO Ricardo Valderrama, is a driving force in promoting American innovation. FPOA's brand, with its recognizability, unique design, eye-catching colors, and adaptability, underscores its commitment to supporting inventors and connecting them with retailers while mitigating risks. The joint venture's approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship has already yielded positive results. FPOA's journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and a shared vision in advancing American ingenuity.